Hyalofemme Gel Vaginal + Applicators

30 g


Hyalofemme Gel Vaginal + Applicators
Hyalofemme vaginal gel containins HYDEAL-D. This gel in complementary to the treatment of vaginal dryness of various origins.  It offers long lasting relief. Aids the natural healing process of friction-induced microlesions in the vaginal mucosa. Hyalofemme is a colourless gel with strong hydrating properties. Clinical studies have shown Hyalofemme quickly reduces symptoms such as burning, itching and irritation associated with vaginal dryness, when applied just once every three days. Hyalofemme is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid which is found naturally in the body. Hyalofemme does not contain oils.  It is safe to use with condoms and other barrier contraceptives.


Vaginal dryness, regardless of the cause of these dryness. Supports the repair of the damage caused to the vagina wall, as consequence of vaginal dryness.

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