Sissel Ball Securemax Sitting Ball Red 65cm

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  • Manufactured for optimal safety
  • Does not burst when punctured with a sharp object
  • Encourages correct sitting posture
  • Alleviates pressure on the spine
  • Ideal tool for use in physiotherapy
  • Perfect replacement for desk chair at school or at home

The Sissel Securemax Ball gets its unique securemax properties from its special material composition.
- when accidentally punctured, ball slowly and safely loses air. Does not burst. The surface is soft to the touch and does not cause uncomfortable friction.
-when using ball, please ensure that the floor and surrounding area are free from sharp objects and edges. This guarantees optimal safety and the longevity of your Sissel Securemax Ball.

Not Included: Pump


Please read the enclosed directions carefully for valuable usage and maintenance tips.

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