Urgo Cold Sore Filmogel New Formula

3 ml

Urgo Cold Sore Filmogel New Formula 3 ml


Urgo Cold Sore Filmogel forms a discreet, treating and isolating film on the injured area, and limits the growth and contamination. It relieves pain due to the spot and promotes healing. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven at all stages of cold sores (herpes febrilis). A box contains one bottle of dressing-gel and 24 disposable applicator sticks to store in the provided airtight container, for maximum hygiene and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Use this ready-to-use dressing-gel upon the first signs of appearance of the cold sore (tingling, burning ...). The covering, treating, isolating, discrete and comfortable film works upon the first signs, limits the growth of the spot, limits the formation of vesicles and crusts, promotes healing, relieves tingling, itching and burning at all stages and limits contamination.


Cold sores treatment (herpes febrilis).


On clean skin, apply the needed dose of dressing-gel to cover the whole cold sore. Let dry one to two minutes. Drying time depends on the amount of product applied.A transparent film is formed on your cold sore.Repeat up to 4 times a day if needed, depending on the film resistance on the skin and lip. Continue each day until complete healing.

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