Biotics Zn-Zyme Forte

100 comprimidos

Prospecto de Biotics Zn-Zyme Forte 100 comprimidos


Supplies 25 mg of elemental zinc. Consider where a higher level of zinc supplemental is indicated.


1 tablet a day with a meal.


- Zinc (citrate)-ZN 2815-25 mg

Free of: Gluten, yeast, lactose, soy, sugar, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors.

Efectos secundarios

To our knowledge this causes agent in the dosage indicated no side effects. With chronic use of doses of 100-150 mg (or more) of zinc a day are negative health effects are expected, especially by reducing the copper levels (and manganese and iron levels) in serum. The most obvious effect is anemia and neutropenia. These effects are temporary and can be overcome. Stopping or reducing the supplementation again Such doses are therefore not recommended without proper monitoring of the copper, iron and manganese status.


Do not take zinc and copper together because they work against each other for absorption.

No known contra-indications to indicated dose.
La ingesta debe limitarse a unas pocas semanas / meses.

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